Founder Spotlight: Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy of Caribbean’s in Tech and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the Founder Spotlight series where we get to know a tech founder who is working to create the next billion dollar company. Show your support by sharing her story and increasing the visibility of black women in tech!

Name: Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy

@gsdwithgeorgie @citecollective (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) LinkedIn

Company: Caribbean’s in Tech and Entrepreneurship

 Tech Association for Caribbean’s 

What made you want to become an entrepreneur in tech?

I wanted to give people opportunities to create generational wealth and better their lives

Where did you get the idea for your business?

After attending so many tech and entrepreneurship based events in NYC I realized there were subgroups for almost everything except for Caribbean’s. I believe our culture is very unique and should have a space in the tech ecosystem that provides support and growth so I created that space.

What is the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?

The most rewarding part is changing peoples love for the better.

What are you an expert in?

I am an expert in community, problem identifying, and building systems.

What advice would you give yourself before you started this company?

I would tell myself to just be patient. Plant seed today, burnish them, keep dreaming about that garden while doing the work to make it a reality.

When will you feel like your company is successful?

I will feel successful when we have helped 10000 Caribbean entrepreneurs and techies.

Tell us something cool you recently learned, big or small!

I recently learned a bunch of excel formulas to better analyze data. I rmeber when I was majoring in accounting my first year of college, I hated spreadsheets now people are calling on my to help them build these very complex spreadsheets and I actually enjoy it.

What’s the biggest thing we can help you with so that you become a billion dollar founder?

The biggest thing right now is letting More people know that we exist so they can become members and we can help them.

Thanks, Georgie-Ann!

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