Founder Spotlight: Christian Johnson of Driver Watchdog

By September 20, 2017Founder Spotlight

Welcome to the Founder Spotlight series where we get to know a tech founder who is working to create the next billion dollar company. Show your support by sharing her story and increasing the visibility of black women in tech!


Christian Johnson

Company: Driver Watchdog, LLC

Driver Watchdog is an intelligent telematics device connecting users to their drivers in real time. Dual video and audio technology provides a 360 degree picture of the driver’s behavior and road conditions. Driver Watchdog enhances on demand behavior correction capabilities and delivers critical data to help analyze driving habits and implement safer practices. Driver Watchdog is the Smart Driver’s Companion. We are Intelligent Driving Reinvented.

Twitter: @driverwatchdog .


Instagram: Driverwatchdog

What made you want to become an entrepreneur in tech?

My need to break barriers. Also, fear and anxiety of my own son learning to drive drove me to create this product.

Where did you get the idea for your business?

My son began to drive. We were being exposed to more and more police shootings of black men when being pulled over and it terrified me. And then we started seeing ambushes on police officers. My mother was a police officer who also had a diabetic stroke while driving. All these events together led me to begin building a team and developing Driver Watchdog.

If we help save one life, we are successful.

What is the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?

The freedom to create your own destiny.

What are you an expert in?

Networking and bringing people together. I am probably an expert at building a team, since I have gone through so many at this point 🙂

What advice would you give yourself before you started this company?

This has to be an all or nothing commitment. You cannot stop once you start and it will be hard and discouraging at times, but I am prepared for that!

When will you feel like your company is successful?

If we help save one life, we are successful.

Tell us something cool you recently learned, big or small.

I learned about invisible capital: money for startups that may be found in the most unlikely, but obvious places.

What’s the biggest thing we can help you with so you can become a billion dollar founder?

Networking. Connections are more valuable than capital.


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